Speakers for the North East Arkansas Social Work Conference.

Keynote Speaker (8:45- 10:15)

Victor Vieth


Morning break-out sessions (10:30-11:45pm)

1. Dr. Jody Long, Adolescents with Eating Disorders
2. Kim Whitman, Trauma Informed Practice with Children
3. Lori Poston,Substance Abuse Treatment with Adolescents
4. Kristy Nichols, Child Abuse Prevention
5. Victor Vieth: Guidelines for Child Protection Professionals Working with Parents Justifying Corporal Punishment with Scripture

Afternoon break-out Session

1. Kim Whitman, Clinical Treatment of Tiny Clients (under 4 years old)
2. Dr. Greg Smith, Meeting the Needs of LGBT Youth
3. DeeAnn Newell, Children and Youth Left Behind by Incarcerated Parents
4. Dr. Karen Farst, Medical Evaluation of Child Abuse; Recognition and Response
5. Peggy Goodwin, Healing from Trauma

Closing Speaker (2:30-3:45)

Matt Knight